About Us



"A very lucky man for finding such a gorgeous girl", says Mira. 



"A very smart girl for picking such a great man", says Stephen.

Stephen & Miracella

How we met...

After some swipe-lefts and failed swipe-rights via Tinder. Online dating works! We were at the right place and at the right time. 

The proposal...

"On Friday on the south coast of England, I asked for Miracella Andoy's hand in marriage. She accepted my proposal. Fortunately, the question came as a surprise to her - my family kept the secret well."

"Mira is beautiful, intelligent and funny - everything that any guy could hope for. But more important than any of these qualities is that I find her immensely admirable. Every day she surprises me by some little kindness she does for someone (usually me :) ), or simply by her uncommon common sense and determination to achieve her goals (not anybody else's). I'm really looking forward to the rest of our future together. Even if the winds of fate don't grant us everything we desire, as long as we have each other we'll have each other and I can't hope for more."  

~Stephen, 13th January 2017

"I wasn't expecting the proposal because I remember Stephen said he doesn't believe in marriage, I guess he changed his mind. On the day he proposed we were on the beach taking photos of the sunset and the sea. When he popped the question teary-eyed and a knee on the sand, all I could say was 'Of course, baby'. 

I've been waiting for someone like Stephen, my Mr Perfect and my Mr Right. I am glad the long wait is over."